True Christmas Story

Dec 3/4 - 17/18

True Christmas Story

Week Three


Joseph Is a model of hearing from God and acting through faith in obedience.  One of the most powerful parts of the story is that what God was telling Joseph to do really did not make sense.  Sometimes God prompts us to do things that don’t make sense to us at the time … but will add up later. Joseph would have taken ridicule from his friends, family, everyone, for doing what he did. We’ll see you this week for our last weekend of the this series!

Week Two


What do you DO when you HEAR from God? The Shepherds heard from God and did something about it! This weekend, we’re looking at the story of the shepherds from the Christmas story. We’ll look at how we can follow their example, of taking action when go speaks, to our lives.

Week One


Does God still speak to us today? What does an Encounter with God look, feel, and sound like? This weekend, we’re going to explore how God speaks to us today in December 2011! He speaks through His Word – The Bible, His promptings as we pray and listen, and His plan through people and circumstances that he places in our lives. We’ll see you this weekend when we take a look at how God is speaking to us today.