Family Portrait

Jan 7&8 - 28&29

Family Portrait

Week Three


If you have a sibling, you’ve gotten in argument.  That’s just a fact.  No matter how much we may love our brothers and sisters, we don’t always get along.  The same is true of our relationships with parents, cousins, friends, ANYONE! Join us this week to hear more about how God want’s us to view our relationships with our siblings.

Week Two

Family Chaos

Chaos can come to families in many different forms. This weekend we’ll be looking at how the bible says we can deal with difficult times in our families, and how we should respond.


Week One

Family Focus

Welcome back elevate! Hope you had a great Christmas vacation with your families. Coming out of the holidays, we’ll be looking at families for the next 4 weeks in elevate, and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been learning with you! See you this weekend back in the Gym.