Middle School Madness

March 17/18

Middle School Madness

Week 3

God's Plan for Sex

God invented sex. He’s not grossed out by it. That’s how he created us! But the world tells us something different. Come this weekend to hear what God has to say about it!


Week 2

What to think about when you start to think about dating

This weekend, we’ll be looking at some helpful things to think about when you start thinking about dating. Believe us, you’ll want to be here. Don’t forget to do your other six! THIS WEEKS TALKSHEET

Week 1

Guy Girl Friendships

The basis for any great relationship is a great friendship. It’s normal, and good, for students to have friends who are the opposite sex, but they need to be wise about those friendships. Come this weekend and learn more about how to have healthy friendships with the opposite sex in middle school.