Collide 2015

Collide 2015 will take place from June 26 (6pm) through June 28 (12 noon).

Parents, CLICK HERE to register your students, and also to access links for scholarship info and serving opportunities.

Leaders, CLICK HERE to register. We’re so glad to have you with us!!

South Barrington Parents: Oftentimes, families of students who have not been involved in church are hesitant to spend money on a camp. The FIRST TIME FRIEND discount provides an opportunity for your student to bring a friend to camp for free. Please talk to the parents of your child’s friend before submitting an application. Once they agree to go, complete the form at link below, and we will get them registered. In order to qualify, your friend cannot be a Willow attender or involved in another church, and they cannot have attended other Elevate camps. This discount is only for students who would never go to a church camp otherwise. CLICK HERE to find out about bringing a FIRST TIME FRIEND for free.

If you want to see a glimpse of what happened in 2014, click the video below. Share it with your friends, so they can come this year!