A middle schooler’s world is flooded with messages about dating, sexuality, and the opposite sex.

Some of that info is true…but some of it is flagrantly false.  In February, Elevate will be talking about guy/girl relationships on the weekends, but your kid’s primary & best coaching on this topic comes from YOU!  We want to help you be prepared for these ongoing conversations.

Prior to this series Elevate held a meeting where Scott Rubin, the director of elevate, led a helpful conversation about what guy/girl relationships look like for a middle schooler and how parents can come alongside their middle school student in navigating some of these important topics.

If you were not able to make it or if you even want to watch it again – check out the video below.  Also below are two handouts shared at the meeting, one to accompany the video and the other an article on passed out as people exited.


Parent Meeting Handout 1.30.14