Small Groups

Small Groups are the most important thing we do in Elevate. It’s where we take what we’ve learned from the lesson on stage and apply it to our lives. It’s where students build friendships and are cared for by our adult volunteers.

If you are a Jr. High student and you are not a part of a small group yet, or you are a parent of Jr. High student and you want to get your son/daughter connected; here’s three easy steps to joining a group:

  1. Come consistently to the same service. Our small groups are formed based on service time, age/gender, and where you’ll attend High School.
  2. Go to the “Connect Group” during your first few visits. This gives Elevate Staff a chance to meet you and find a spot for you in a small group.
  3. Join the small group you are assigned to! Your new small group leader will contact you and let you know where your new group meets during Elevate.

If you’re an adult or a high school student and you’d like to be a leader, click HERE.